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 Being misunderstood is the fate of all geniuses

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PostSubject: Being misunderstood is the fate of all geniuses   14/2/2008, 7:55 pm

Hi Mr Lim,

Please inform me if you want any changes to this. I have put in around 3 hours of work, so that's around the same amount of time it takes to make another poster... if this is not acceptable, please do let me know asap.

Gira Con Me

Hopefully it becomes apparent what I'm trying to say, and hopefully it suits your needs.

Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Being misunderstood is the fate of all geniuses   18/2/2008, 2:34 am

Time has a way of changing everything that was once seemingly unrelenting, and incorrigible. Mao completely changed the way China worked, in less than 30 years after “liberation” in 1949, practically grabbing China by the neck and pulled it to the political left.

Mao, as seen in this picture, being a leftist, looks towards the left. A combination of Marxism-Leninism, Mao came up with policies like the Hundred Flowers Campaign and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in order to achieve a Communist utopia, which appears at the top, signifying policies from the “top”. Along with him, are the great masses of the people, portrayed at the bottom left hand corner of the picture, which shows that these mass is what carries out the policies. If women held up half the sky, then the whole Chinese population would the main polity that held up, and carried out, Mao’s vision of achieving a Communist utopia. A relationship of Top and Bottom is portrayed in this picture.

Yet, the only constant is life is change. What Mao and his fellow leftist envisioned has none other than been left behind. The dichotomy in colour – left side being red, and right being blue – exemplifies “New China” and the “Old China”. With Chinese characteristics, Socialism in China today takes on a form of socialism – one that is full of capitalist notions. A rush for money, a focus on statistical data like GDP as a benchmark, and Adam Smith is seen on the right side of the picture. Such reforms were carried out “behind Mao’s back”, which in other words is, after his death.

The timeline on top shows the history of China; it blends with the rest of the picture. Starting from liberation in 1949 to the mid 70’s, Mao was in power, and China became under a red hue. The pivotal years of Chinese politics, between the death of Mao and the rise of Deng in 1978, is in synchronization with the change in the basic background colour (cf. red-blue gradient). Mao’s death in 1976 is the reason why he stands in the centre, which corresponds with the timeline.
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PostSubject: Re: Being misunderstood is the fate of all geniuses   18/2/2008, 1:42 pm

Well written!
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PostSubject: Re: Being misunderstood is the fate of all geniuses   

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Being misunderstood is the fate of all geniuses
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